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Minimal Showroom is the first fashion showroom to be representing designers with sustainable productions only. With offices in Los Angeles and Stockholm our primary markets are North America and Scandinavia. Our mission is to globally highlight and strengthen eco-friendly fashion designers and we work with contemporary and premium retailers that, like us, are dedicated to make the industry sustainable.

When we handpick our designers we look at the design, the brand's aesthetics and story, the production, fabrics, quality and the people behind the brand. As we highly value relations, we aim to ensure that all our collaborations are long term. 

Minimal Showroom is a platform where retailers can easily access some of the most promising eco-friendly brands and designers. We are always on the lookout for new designers, retailers and other co-operations, so please email us if you share our values and want to know more about us and the brands that we represent.

Some of the retailers that we work with today are Bona Drag, Voyager, Summit and Fields, Burke &Mercentile, One of a few, Hazel & Rose and many more... Please get in touch with us at if you want to find out more about us an our partners. 




Minimal Showroom was founded by Jennifer and Josefine in 2014, two best friends that wanted to make a difference in the fashion industry.

With genuine backgrounds in wholesale, e-commerce and retail they discovered that independent slow fashion brands had difficulties to take space on a global market where larger fast fashion conglomerates constantly push the retail prices.

Jennifer and Josefine concluded that there was a need for an agency to represent these slow fashion designers, allowing them to fully focus on their design and production. Minimal Showroom inspire people to focus on sustainable fashion and to change the way of consuming.


Slow fashion = Unrushed fashion that have been thoughtfully ethically and eco-friendly produced with love


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